War Stars Medical Emergency

Girl games with fashion and cooking genres will remain the top two loved genres from the list of ABCya 4 new games. Would you like to dive into a new gaming selection of the first-mentioned type in War Stars Medical Emergency? A fashion game will be embedded in this medical game in which you need to help the stars cure their injuries. Emma, Mia, Sophie, and Clara are the main characters of this game.

Because they have been involved in a fight and accident, each girl has visited your medical hospital with some issues. Let's help clean up the wound and give them the appropriate treatment to bring back the beauty for them all! Emma has tooth decay that requires some clay or new materials to fix. Learn how to pick out the decayed tooth and fill in the hole with clay for a new one. Furthermore, start working with Sophie's mermaid treatment to remove the spikes and errors with the mermaid tail. Will you be able to make sure that the girl can move properly without any bleeding?

Next up, help Clara with her sore throat and cure the infection on other injuries. The daily work in this hospital at https://abcya4.net/ will be tough and filled with tasks, so prepare yourself for these! After solving the problem with Clara, you can help her move back to space using her spaceship. Don't forget about the final task of supporting Mia's makeover! A diversity of interactive tasks will be fun for girls to share with their besties without worrying about being bored. Keep up the work and participate in more tasks related to medical, fashion, or others in the newly added games such as Fabulous Dressup Royal Day Out and Princess Happy Tea Party Cooking!

Controlling keys: Click and choose the items using the left mouse and use the tools to complete the tasks.