Aqua Link

Test your ability with this new game of Aqua Link - the latest addition of a fun tile-connecting game from the collection of ABCya kid games! If this is your favorite genre, check out this new gaming selection to enjoy some twists, harder challenges, and lots of cool gameplay! The players in this game will be required to connect two identical blocks using a single line. The hard part about this game is that you can't just use any line.

The lines that you choose to use will have to fit the criteria of the game, which means that the line only consists of two turns. Any more than two turn lines will not be acceptable in this game. With that rule, can you successfully make connections and match the blocks? Keep track of the time using the given clock because time is crucial in this game. Among these scattered tiles, it's crucial to separate them and choose which one you want to connect first.

The key to winning this tile game is good eyesight and fast thinking. Matching the tiles on the outer edge before moving inward because will make it easier to use the lines with fewer than two turns. It's not only the fight to match the tiles but also the fight to keep up with the clock.

Thanks to the simple control with a mouse or touchpad, kids of all ages can enjoy this fun game without any hassle. Compare your highest records on the Leaderboard and see if this can be your top-notch game scores! Other cool games like Colorful AssortMerge And Decor will bring other virtual gaming worlds and adventures to you, so search for the one that matches your taste and rock it!

How to play:

Choose and match the tiles using the mouse or touchpad.