Atari Asteroids

Get floaty with the spaceship in Atari Asteroids - our newly added space-themed shooter arcade game that is suitable for kids of all ages, regardless of devices using. This ABCya kid game will be a good multidirectional shooting game to freshen up your playtime as it brings a new quest for space-lovers! The main task consists of controlling a single spaceship that will float in space amidst the biggest asteroid field ever. You need to control its movement, direct and navigate as well as watch out for the other traversing saucers that might hit you anytime during the progress of this game.

Not only will you need to move the spaceship by rotating and using your thrust but you should also lookout for the right momentum for any possible shot! If you can, let's start shooting so that you can freely destroy all asteroids and saucers within the range. The more space you can clear, the more chance you have to open up your territory. Watch out for the possible broken asteroids that will easily break into smaller pieces if you shoot at close range. Use the drifting features to reappear from different sides of the board. The players can gather around 20 to 100 points per asteroids or saucers, depending on how big they are.

It takes precision when dealing with the tiny spacecraft because you need to aim well to hit it. Enjoy the Hyperspace features of gaming in this game as well as float freely in other games like No Problamas and Super Friday Night Funki later! Come visit our website in for a taste of this classic arcade experience that can be played on both mobile and CPU. Prepare for the most impressive modernized design that you can find in a shooting game now!

Instructions: Click and drag the mouse cursor to shoot.