Bike Racing 3D

Bike Racing 3D with the high-speed race and chance for stunts performance has captured the attention of kids from all over the world. Enjoy the new platform from ABCya online games and learn how you can bury the other competitors with your car! The goal is to drive through a bunch of perilous tracks with a 3D setting and the most realistic layout.

Learn how the physics work in this game and understand the mechanism of the game to conquer not only the fast-paced gameplay but also the first ranking on the Leaderboard. The rule is simple and kids of all ages can understand the goal in one look. However, it will be hard to master and difficult to keep up with the tough opponents while learning how to perform the stunts.

Keep yourself addicted for hours without end and practice your skills when it comes to bike racing and stunt performance. Another crucial element that you need to pay attention to in this game is the mad rival popping through the frontier tracks and hitting you randomly. Pay attention to the surroundings as well and keep your bike's balance even when the race has intensified. Will you be able to prove that you will be the foremost intense and competitive biker?

This professional bike race will be one click away from you and your friends, therefore, try it out now for free! Show the world how you deal with tricky bike moves and crazy riders by your side. Other games like Autocross Madness will also bring good racing-themed gaming options to you. Pay a visit at to discover Trial Mission and Time Mission!


Use the W key to move forward, S to move back, and A and D to turn left and right.