Extracting the new starred-marked block in this game of Bloxcape puzzle - a new selection from ABCya online 2022 will not be an easy feat as there're tons of hindrances and obstacles. The other blocks are scattered around the frame as they are blocking the way out for the starred block. Your main mission in this new gaming puzzle theme is to make sure that all frames or all levels are cleared with the result of the starred block being removed.

\To push the assigned block out of the frame through the single door, you need to move the other colorful blocks with the most suitable movement to avoid blocking the way out. As the blocks are placed randomly and all of them are huddled in a confined small space, the players need to take advantage of a few blanks wisely in order to depict the white star on one of the blocks.

The faster you remove this star from the playground, the higher your rewards will be. You can find the escape door or the exit highlighted in orange. Let's learn how to think, how to complete the task, the way to move the required objects, and how to clear the way for the star block quickly!

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Controlling keys:

Hold, drag, and move the block using the left mouse button.