Melting Ball

If you are looking for a new arcade game with fun rules, new styles of gameplay and the most interesting themes for kids, this game of Melting Ball will easily be a good option. Search for a way out in this journey to clear the ball at ABCya land and do whatever it takes to quickly complete the journey. Be prepared for endless fun rolling with your trusty ball!

The ball will be your main objective to move here. If you fail to bring the ball to the destination before it cools down, the stage is considered as failure. Cross through all available obstacles, climb up the platform, and reach the last step to complete the missions. You only have a limited time frame to clear the stages.

Enjoy new skills and discover more hidden stairs to make sure you get to the end of the game quickly. Despite the simple rule and mechanism, it takes some practice and skills for you to conquer it with top-notch scores. If you are ready, learn how to complete the online section where tons of ways are available. There will be a variety of items from different collections scattered as obstacles on your snowy path. Remember, do your best to control the ball that is melting, and reach the goal in a short time.

Are you ready to share your record with other players on the Leaderboard here at Let's see if you can grab one or two boosters from the hidden alleys and conquer all levels with your techniques or not! Feel free to dive into some other equally fun games such as Word Search Relaxing Puzzles or Car Crash Star, for the sake of a hilarious game time!

How to play:

Move the ball and interact using the left mouse button.