Car Girl Garage

Boys are not the only ones who can run their garage on their own anymore. Learn all that you need to know about this job by assisting Miriam from Car Girl Garage - the new ABCya game for kids with a unique main character. There is a lot that needs to be done to make sure the daily operation for a garage and you can learn all of them from our boss lady. Miriam inherited her grandfather's garage and she needs a staff to be her assistant to run this place smoothly. Make sure you carry out the tasks nicely, serve the customers, and bring the place to the top quality as well as restore its glory.

First, fix the workshop with furniture and pipes to guarantee a nice working space. Then, start receiving customers and start your service chain. A few important and mandatory steps for fixing a car include changing a wheel, checking the oil level, replacing your car battery. Harder tasks that you will encounter later are the task of topping up your coolant liquid to keep the car cool, checking the tire pressure, or replacing the air filter. Many more missions are waiting for you to learn and master in order to achieve the goal of making this store the most high-quality mechanic store in the town.

Plenty of customers with different car models will visit your store, so you need to keep updating with the structure of cars to be able to fix them all! This game from guarantees a creative playtime and provides the useful experience related to car fixing that you can apply in real life. After finishing every task possible here, dive right into more car games like Mechanic Max and Kumu's Adventure

Controlling keys: Tap and swipe or use the mouse cursor to choose and fix the parts.