Mechanic Max

Mechanic Max will assist you with the work of repairing and fixing your car problem. After driven for too long, your old trusty car has turned into a dirty car with lots of problems and damaged parts. Come to this ABCya game and meet the Mechanic Max and he will teach you how to fix the car so that it can move just like when you first bought it again. The game provides you with all the required tools and supplies that you might need to accomplish this task of transforming your car.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to turn it into a racing car, a classic taxi, an ambulance, or even a vintage car, a race car, a family car, and a large pick-up truck. You can also take the time to go through each one to experience the process of making them all. There are 4 cars in this game that are here waiting for your magic. Use the tools to first fix the damaged parts like the leaked oil, the broken tire, and many more. Once all the parts are fully done, you can double-check to see if the car can move properly. Don't forget to fill up the gas as well. Now, it's time to change the demo and parts to make it become the model that you chose.

Different tasks are required for different types of cars, so you can go with the tutorial and the requested tasks in this game to finish it. At first, there will be tons of dirty and damaged cars parking at the door of your garage, so feel free to choose the one that you would like to transform. At, we encourage your ability with an innovative and creative way of fixing the damaged components in more games like Kumu's Adventure and Coin Run

Controls: Click to fix the car and interact.