Kumu's Adventure

The collected items of Kumu's Adventure are from the old working site, therefore they are a bit bumped up. We need your help to fix the reactor to make the items that run on the atomic battery work again. There will be tons of missions and small tasks to start your journey in this game from ABCya land. Prioritize your tasks among the list of searching from a pile of parts, collect alloys to fix the reactor, to explore the world in a far future continent. This place will be a perfect virtual world where you can control the world using both magic and tech.

After finishing the tasks of fixing the reactor, wait for it to charge with enough energy to power other machines in the field as well. Once in a while, we will send you on a scavenger hunt to search for more parts and useful items. It's also the chance to explore the dangerous wilderness with the rogue-like RPG. This strategic game will be an amazing choice with fast turn-based action and combat. You will also get to enjoy the evolving exploration of a large world. Another important task in this game at https://abcya4.net/ is to build up your camp from scratch. Don't forget to equip your characters to go on the journey of the ancient Immet Empire.

Amidst the ruins, will you be able to find the secret and free the land? Explore different maps with vast spaces for combat in this game right now! You will find yourself crafting from the smallest pieces and parts, as well as refining the system on your own. Can you fix the center fuse after finishing with the simple tasks? Come to Coin Run and Quad Bike Traffic Racing Mania for more interactive games that are listed up for free!

Instructions: Click and use the mouse to interact and fix the machines.