Idle Country Tycoon

Making money is one thing, but getting recognition as one of the best businessmen here at Idle Country Tycoon will require much more than that. We are inviting the players to come and build the empire of their dream from the given set of tools. The final goals are to get the most buildings and earn the most coins. First, when you land in this ABCya 4 new games, you will get only one store on the first or second floor. Get this bookstore running and earn some money from the limited resources before expanding the business.

You will be in charge of running all daily operations of the game, ranging from serving the customers, purchasing and restocking ingredients, making food, and checking the bills. After opening for a few days, you will be able to use the hard-earned coins to hire some staff. Make sure to purchase some in-game upgrades and supporting items that will be beneficial to increase your income. Let's see if you can cover all the floors of the building with your stores! This game focuses on increasing work efficiency and the expansion plan, therefore, the players with the most ambitious plan in mind might be able to gather money from not just one bookstore but also from restaurants, clothing stores, electric stores, and so on.

Keep progressing to unlock the stores in more countries later! The cool thing about this idle tycoon game is that the money collection is automatic and it keeps going even when you left the game. So come back daily to gather and check the amount that your store earns after a day! It's fun idle gameplay for kids of all ages to explore and challenge themselves, as well as the gaming options like Bubble Pirates Mania or Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure from!

Instructions: Play and interact with the mouse or touchpad.