Three Lines

Three Lines will challenge your best effort on the work of managing three different lines with tons of balls falling up and down at the same time! Will you be able to control the movement of the balls among these Blue Line, Orange Line, and Yellow Line? The game involves getting a target on each line and fill it with as many balls as possible. The balls will keep moving up and down for all the game because they are very light and easy to float.

As the balls have unique speeds, the work of targeting each one and multiple at the same time from top to bottom will be hard. Your job is to make sure that you can match the white target bars with the balls. If there are too many balls falling down, the game will be over immediately. It's hard because you need to focus on a total of three lines at the same time, so it should be a good chance for you to learn how to multitask and control the items carefully.

Be quick and choose the best timing for each target so as not to miss out on anything! From the gaming list at, we invite you to have a blast with a bunch of fun and hilarious games like ... without any cost at all! For this game, the limited number of balls that you can miss is eight. More than eight balls falling down will take your record down the drain, so do your best for a high ranking! It's fun and enjoyable with smooth graphic design, minimal type of genre with arcade fun features!

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Controls: Click to hit the balls on the targets.