Carrom 2 Player

Carrom 2 Player from ABCYa 2023 online game will be about the art of flipping the discs to the corner of the board within the given timeline. It's not only a strike-and-hit pocket game, but this one comes with more rules and difficulty. If you have been familiar with basic ball-hitting games such as billiards and pools, this one can be your ace. Hitting the balls with accordance colors on the board will be your requirement.

The more carrom pieces with the assigned color you can hit to the corner, the higher your scores will be. The first player among the two who manages to clear all their disc stack and bring them all to the corner will be the one to win. Aim correctly with your mouse before hitting the pieces using the guided shooting line. These lines are dotted lines with the aiming support so that you can know which direction your discs are moving.

Thanks to the updating of the intuitive controlling key set, this game is accessible and easy to understand even for newbies and small kids. Bring the matches of Carrom in real life and incorporate them into this virtual version for brain-wrecking game time! The tips for getting to the placement of the discs on the other side of fields will be to utilize your shots in order to create more zig-zag shots.

Bounce up against the wall and move forward with the other discs on the designated carrom board. Let's see if your scores can crack the older records on the Leaderboard and make it to the top-ranked player list of! Plenty of other puzzle or chess games such as Bouncing Bug will bring more challenging options for this genre, so check them out whenever you have some time off!


Click and drag the mouse cursor to shoot the discs.