Critical Strike Zero

Move-in an abandoned area. Is this building a great place for you to fight? You need to move and Raid everything around, hide behind cars and big walls to be able to escape the pursuit of enemies. Don't worry you will make weapons in this game Critical Strike Zero at abcya4 and go search for these avengers to destroy them. Where they are is difficult to detect. Where are your enemies hiding?

Because around you are countless walls like a maze. So try to be careful and observe every time you meet an opponent, you need to react quickly to the gun and aim very accurately. The more revenge you kill, the higher your score will be and the better your chances of winning will be. Break all your limits in this game. Shoot and kill hundreds of enemies that have appeared.

They are also using weapons and move very fast. You try to chase and master this fight. Please control your gun well to not lose to any enemy. Hurry up to join this game to unlock a few more weapons and guns with even more terrible attack power. An unending gunfight is going on in this place. You can play in so many different game modes. There are many large modern arsenals to help players fight even more.

It's fun when you can join your friends in this game Critical Strike Zero at to together transform into raiders with the most perfect skills ever. You can completely entertain a few other similar shooting game genres like Deadswitch 3 and Shape Shoot

Control: use mouse arrow keys to move your character more precisely.