Desert Car Racing

Desert Car Racing easily guarantees one of the best gameplay for kids if you are a player who love spicing up the game time with new environment for racing! Instead of old-schooled city streets or futuristic themed platform, you will be racing on the sand in this new ABCya fun game! Enjoy the soothing background and awesome-looking scenes as you maneuver the car through all these landscapes of sand, mountains, and slopes.

There will be some dangerous inclines of 360 degrees that you have never tackled before, so try to stay alert and keep your car balanced when reaching these types of dangerous terrains. Moreover, the game allows you to open the four accessible vehicles as you unlock them using the gained coins on the path.

Choosing the route is not possible, but you can do whatever it takes to speed up and accelerate among these rapid over treacherous streets. Using the nitro boost on time will be the key to make it to the destination faster with a great momentum. Keep an eye out for bumpy roads and high slopes that will need you to balance out the stance of the car.

If you are very good at controling the movement while targeting the next step, this game from will be a perfect choice for your summer gametime! Don't miss out on tons of new games with special themes like cooking, action, arcade and so on such as Offroad Masters Challenge and Drive Dead 3D from our long list of games! All of these will be at the tips of your fingers for free to make sure your summer gaming experience is a blast!

How to play:

Drive the car using the W, A, S, D, or Arrow Keys. Use the spacebar to start the nitro boost.