Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament

Adorable chicks are waiting for another player so that the hilarious and colorful race in Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament can start now! You will emerge in the race against the fast and dynamic chicks that are crawling to be the winner. It's an arcade game with specialized platforms that are perfect for sharing with more friends thanks to the multiplayer option. Start by choosing among the two available characters of Star Cock and Flower Head Cock, each with its unique features and movement.

These two are given to the players for free as they are the skin trials from the beginning of the game only. As you gain more scores and become a master of this free ABCya 4 game, feel free to stack up more skin options and change it when you like! The mechanism of the game will match you with 16 other players to start the level one by one. However, the main theme of each level is automatically chosen, therefore, you should prepare yourself to tackle anything from Speed racing to Obstacle dodging. As soon as the game starts, move quickly to catch up with the other players in the task of reaching the final destination and successfully avoid crashing into obstacles.

Don't worry if you get lost when you are testing out the first few times! This game comes with a 3D platform where you can control the direction of the first-person point of view and the movements in both horizontal and vertical settings. How long will it take for you to master all popping-up items, moving bars, spikes, and floating balloons on this map? Feel free to explore tons of other maps and platforms for kids of all ages in https://abcya4.net/ with some games like Alex The Alien and Tiny Dungeons without worrying about the cost!

Instructions: Use WASD to move, spacebar to jump, and move the cursor to change the perspective of the chicks.