Alex The Alien

Alex the Alien is in a tough situation as he is lost on a strange planet with no guidance or support to search for the right path. Will you help him to find the way to open the portal that leads back to his planet? In this classic pixelated game called Alex The Alien, ABCya land hopes to make a spin-off of a famous game from your childhood such as Super Mario. Therefore, you might find the gameplay resembles it in one way. However, plenty of different items and features will make this new game stand out, as well as the colorful graphics with yellow as the main color.

You need to guide him and jump from one block to the next, dodge the traps, holes and help him collect coins. Some blocks will glow, which means that they contain more items than they appear to be. You should crack them open and unlock those items to your advantage. Don't forget that there will be one portal to get to the next level at the end of each stage. Only by traveling through 50 levels successfully and discover the gates at 3 unique worlds will he be able to get to the spaceship safely. Your main character and friend is this little annoyed yellow alien!

Alex can jump, crack the blocks, collect the coins and dodge the spike holes as you control him. This game allows the players to freely explore the vast world of pixel and tackle plenty of obstacles as well as the infrastructure on the main route. Be quick to move but steer clear of monsters and obstacles to stay alive in more games like Tiny Dungeons and Tappy Flappy Trump from!

How to control Alex The Alien: Click on the screen to make Alex jump, collect the coins and avoid the spike holes.