Pinball Brick Mania

Pinball Brick Mania is all about hitting all the bricks on the screens with limited pinballs and the least moves. Not only will you get to enjoy a simple arcade fun game embedded with the old-school theme but you can also gather more experience with ball shooting. Control your pinball set of items wisely so that you can guide the balls and bounce them to the right place.

This ABCya 2023 new game takes over the classic theme of a realistic pinball game machine but in the virtual version. Thanks to the updated arcade mode, there are more chances of unlimited fun for you and your friends! Learn how to enjoy the thrilling sensation of utilizing physics to stack these balls on the screen.

What you need to do is to target the plus mark on the screen to gain more pinballs and higher scores. The final goal is to deliver these pinballs to crack the bricks and wipe them off the screen. Can you smash a large number of blocks before the balls hit the top? Some numbered blocks are crucial as you need to clear them before getting to the layers behind them.

You get a good score and higher final results with more and more useful blocks as well as a more precise shot, so try to improve your aiming skills and climb up the ladder of the Leaderboard! Some of our famous and popular ball games such as Bouncing BugCarrom 2 Player are also available in the same collection for you to explore. Would you like to spice up your gaming time with these additional games from Get your hands on this game and showcase some unique strategies right now!

How to play:

Click and release the left mouse cursor to shoot the balls and interact with items on the board.