ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

Instead of looking for old classic car games, why don't you try out this new version of ROD Multiplayer Car Driving 2022 - one of the latest updated games from ABCya games 4 kids with multiplayer features and a great simulation experience! This game brings back the multiplayer car races with plenty of new twists, upgraded settings, and more extreme cars.

Dive into the world of the fun 3D city landscape and drive to win in the races against all the top drivers from all around the world. Could you get ready and learn to drift in time? There are plenty of mega ramps, big infrastructure, and tough terrains for you to demonstrate a few of your talents among the obstacles-filled background. Are your skillsets enough to ace these fantastic and extreme drifts on the exciting PVP races?

Even if you are a newbie, the immersive and user-friendly interface will easily capture your attention during the play against your online opponents. The final purpose of the game will be to reach the finish line with the top scores or land the top positions on the Leaderboard! It's time to learn how to maneuver the racing car with your keyboard! Make sure that you check out the statistics tab on the screen as well as the given specs for the vehicles so that you can manage them and utilize their full capacity.

Here at, the world of car-themed games as well as racing games will be kept updated daily to keep your experience fresh with more games like Highway Road Racing! There will be an option for shooting the rockets at the opponents or the targets ahead of you for removal.

Controlling keys:

Move and drive using the arrow keys.

Choose to place a ramp in front of you using the T key.

Shoot rockets with the left buttons.

Change the camera with the C key.