Super Yacht Parking

Super Yacht Parking tests your ability and flexibility when it comes to the skill set to park, move, drive, and maneuver a huge yacht in the sea of this game from ABCya land. You will play the role of driving this luxurious yacht on water and completing the task of safely docking it to the port. There is a designated port for each level and your goal is to make sure the yacht stays correctly in its spot.

Steer the boats to the left and the right according to the guideline on the waterfront and stay away from the obstacles. When reaching higher stages, there will be some other yachts showing up here and there to make the mission harder. Will you be able to avoid hitting so many times and keep the yacht intact? The game shall be over if the hit count reaches the limit. Time is also of the essence as the game has a function to calculate the wasted time.

If possible, try to unlock all the achievements and finish the set of harder levels to claim your spot on the top Leaderboard! Earn your way up and get your earnings as soon as possible! Such a delicate and huge yacht will not be easy to control due to the tight lane for movement. How many achievements will you gain and put into your collection? Keep learning how to avoid touching the poles and keep your yacht straight in the lanes for the tough record.

This game from is one of the famous game choices for the fans of sports games with great animation and 3D animated graphics, along with good gameplay filled with special challenges for exploration. Tackle other games like Leap Parking for the animated theme and amazing storyline!

Controlling keys:

Drive and navigate using the arrow keys,

C to control the camera,

P to pause,

and M to mute.