The Spotlight

The Spotlight from ABCya 4 free game is the new casual game with one simple objective, which is to simply jump from one pole to another. However, to survive while bouncing over these spotlights, it's crucial that the ball lands on the perfect pole with similar color as the color shown on it. There will be poles scattering all over this platform, each with its color and height. Due to the height difference, the task of jumping over the pole will vary depending on each one. Can you see the color panel that is shown on the ball?

Your job is to make sure that the ball lands on the pole with a similar color palette before your moves run out. For example, if the ball is showing red color, try your best to bounce on the next red pole. While you are trying to locate the pole, you should keep in mind that an advanced player will gain more scores by collecting the coins. These coins float randomly and unexpectedly on the blocks as well. As the ball will keep on bouncing, you need to choose the right timing to advance and the distance for moving forward. It will be quite hard for newbies at first as the controlling key for the ball is very sensitive to your interaction, but you will become accustomed to the logic of the game after a few trials.

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Instructions: Click and use the mouse to hold or release the ball.