Flossy Jim Whale Tickler

Flossy Jim Whale Tickler from ABCya 4 game for kids is so simple that even a little kid can learn how to have fun with it! There are no difficult rules, tough gameplay, or complicated storyline at all. Your little whale friend needs someone to cheer him up, so we will assign you to tickle him! All you have to do is to control the handle on the game screen and move it from the left to the right and vice versa to tickly the whale.

There will be an energy bar shown on top of the whale as well. This bar slowly fills up as you gain scores from tickling the whale and making him laugh, so continue the good work and see what happens. After each successful session, the whale will give you some surprises. Ranging from hilarious sentences to famous quotes, you will be able to enjoy the positivity and the good vibe as you try to make him laugh as well! Keep tickling his belly and rub him until your red energy bar fills up and see which quote he will reserve for you! Let's find out if you can find his special response or not.

The game is so easy to play with the best emotions and quotes for each success, which makes it a perfect option for easy and fast playtime. If you are looking for some relaxation with games despite the short break, don't miss out on this fun game. Enjoy the chill music in the background as you move the handle as well! Continue the ocean journey or discover more activities with oceanic animals in other cool games like Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament and Alex The Alien from our website https://abcya4.net/!

How to play with Flossy Jim: Use the mouse to hold the handle and move it to tickle the whale.