Doomsday Hero

 Doomsday Hero is a shooting war game that simulates the playing method of doomsday survival. You will become the salvation hero in the doomsday and bring the last hope to the whole of mankind. You can build the last defense base here to resist the attack of evil zombies. You can constantly develop science and technology, build more powerful defenses, and upgrade more weapons to destroy more zombies until we can save the city. Heroes at the end of the day, collect materials, weapons, and equipment, kill all zombies to invade, and establish a new human civilization!

In a large-scale biochemical experiment, poisonous gas accidentally leaked, and the global climate was seriously polluted. Most people became infected and turned into zombies, only a few survived. At present, it is not possible to develop an antidote. In order to protect the few surviving people, some warriors can only continue to kill zombies. 

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After the game is loaded, click [Start Game]-then click [Level 1]-finally click [Basic] to start the game.