Draw Car Road

Draw Car Road might soon be one of your favorite car games here at ABCya 2022 thanks to the amazing 3D graphics and realistic setting to make your car driving and dodging experience different than others! Tackle this arcade game to complete the final task of building all bridges required to help set up the path for our lovely car. The requirement to complete each level is to build a bridge that is not only steady enough to hold the car's weight while it moves over but also needs to cover all the traps and holes.

Don't let the car fall into the spiky trap holes or else the game will be over. In this drawing puzzle game, do your best to navigate the car using the limited space of the bridge. In order to bypass all types of available terrains, obstacles, and difficult landscapes, you need to estimate the length of the required bridge as well as the direction that you expect the car to move toward.

Once you reach the red flag on each level, you will be able to move on to the next stage for more exploration with other challenges. Once you hit the Start button on a stage, keep an eye on the marked area to know where you should start catering for the bridge. The faster you complete your drawing the better.

Keep going further and further in this game with tons of checkpoints to gather the top scores for a newbie driver. Check out the Leaderboard at https://abcya4.net/ from time to time to know which ranking you might occupy using the skill sets and experience you have when it comes to car games. Keep exploring other games with similar themes and multiple difficult challenges such as Bike Racing 3D or Truck Driver: Snowy Roads!

Instructions: Draw the bridge using your mouse cursor.