Fantasy Sniper

Fantasy Sniper is an exciting shooting game that challenges you to use your sniper rifle to hunt down and eliminate all fantasy creatures in each level. The game is set in a magical world filled with mystical creatures such as dragons, unicorns, trolls, goblins, and more. As a sniper, you are tasked with locating these creatures and taking them out with precision shots. The game is divided into multiple levels, each with a different environment and set of creatures to hunt. Enjoy now at ABCya 4th.

ou will have to use your keen observation skills to spot these creatures and take them out before they can harm you. The game features intuitive controls that allow you to aim and shoot with ease. You can zoom in and out to get a better view of your targets and adjust your aim accordingly. You can also use various items such as grenades and landmines to take out multiple creatures at once.Fantasy Sniper features great graphics and vast fantasy world where you must use your modern sniper rifle to shoot all fantasy creatures in order to complete each level.


LMB - Shoot.

RMB - Zoom.

P - Pause.

Look for: Lof Math Shooter and Monster Reform.