Hillclimb Racer

If you are good with maneuvering the cars through Hillclimb Racer, you will certainly be qualified for any other challenging races here at ABCya car game! It's time to buckle up to secure your seat on the car and hit the pedal to start dashing through the race tracks! It's a new animated game with many characters joining for the ride of their lives. You will participate in the race with the role of Tom, the aspiring racer who is excellent at dominating uphill races.

Let's see if you can assist the famous rider to take on this challenge where he will be taken to the most formidable ride. The ride takes place on multiple terrains and various settings, ranging from the hill to the mountain, from the city landscapes to the urban. Chose the route that you wish to ace, regardless of any physic laws. Once you have grasped the basics of the game, start buckling up to hit the gas pedal and ride to win the top rankings. Depending on the hill climbing environments that you are tackling, choose the most suitable tactics and driving skills to avoid losing.

Enjoy the freedom of carrying out tricks and stunts on ramps to gain plenty of bonuses. Not only do you need to focus on conquering all the finish lines on all stages like a champ but you also need to try and unlock new skins or the upgrades for your vehicles. Several elements that will determine the success rates of your character shall be the speed, horsepower, acceleration power, and ability to control the jumps.

In order to conquer the objective of the game which is to complete all levels with top-notch scores, learn how to maneuver and control the vehicle. Don't collide into any deadly obstacles while exploring the landscapes here at https://abcya4.net/ and you will stay in the game for a long time! Probe through other games like Drifting Mania later!

Controls: Drive using the keyboards.