Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist will be a thrilling option for the playtime with the main theme of shooting games but with an elaborated storyline of a mad scientist from ABCya 4. The mad scientist is in danger of being attacked by the army due to his dangerous inventions. Will you be able to use those bombs, explosives, and bullets to keep the scientist safe? Let's start shooting and show them how crazy you can be! Pay attention to some statistics such as the green bar on the top of the main screen, which shows your progress and achieved distance in the game.

The scientist will automatically run along the line, so your job is just to control the jump and dodge to avoid the obstacles as well as to shoot down the items along the way. The attackers will get more and more crowded in time, therefore, it's crucial that you update your weapons as well as jumping with perfect timing so as not to waste any movement.

Make sure to pick up the weapons that show up to pack them up in your pocket for later use. As you progress further, there will be enemies from both sides that want to eliminate you, so be careful. With great skills and marvelous flips and jumps, you will be the one to set a new record at in no time! Explore more crazy running games like Sentry Guadian and Airport Clash 3D that are similar to this one.

Instructions: Shoot using the space bar, jump using the up key.