Airport Clash 3D

Shoot a lot to be able to bring you the victory for yourself. Airport Clash 3D at is an addictive online fighting game and you can unleash to play in your computer and mobile. Your task in this game is to lead a Raid gang to occupy an important abandoned airport location from a rival gang. Your opponent is very crowded. So you need to use all your skills and the game to be able to fight them.

Hide in a safe place, then wait for the opportunity and rush to shoot. If you do not concentrate you can be killed by your opponent at any time. Charge for bravery in an open field and find your opponents. Jump over all obstacles and aim accurately. Your opponents also use a lot of weapons so being careful is a necessity in this game. How many opponents can you shoot? The game requires time. So when you need to react fast to win. The war is chaotic and fierce. Earn yourself the highest score on the gang.

Can you overcome it shoot and enjoy your great time much more in the game Airport Clash 3D at abcya games. It would be great to share the game for your friends and invite your friends to join right now into the game to start together with a brutal and stressful battle about Survival. There are tons of other interesting shooting game genres like KOGAMA West Town and The Last Survivors Would you like to explore right now?

Control: Use the arrow to move, mouse to shoot your opponent.