Shoot Blast

One of the most important elements in this ABCya 4 shooting game of Shoot Blast will be the ability to pick the correct target orders and take down the appearing targets one by one. As it's an arcade game with the main features of shooting, you will need to take advantage of your shooting technique. If you manage to control it to the fullest, the work of meeting the goal of this game will be simple.

First, learn the mechanism of the game to grasp the basic movement of the main character. You will be in control of the box with a turret placed in the middle of the screen. Your turret can't move regardless of the levels. The only things that move will be the other floating targets. Each target box comes with a specific number written on it to display the number of required shots to be removed. Different boxes have different pacing and speed, as well as different placement on the board. This means that only by estimating which box might collide with you first can you choose the one to eliminate.

The players of this game from will constantly be on the edge of danger with thrilling gaming features and challenges. Do your best to conquer this colorful decompression game for kids of all ages and let's see if your score can make it to the top of the list! Plenty of other games like Agent J and Fallen Figures will be suitable for kids who enjoy a bit of brainstorming to destress after a long day, therefore, hit them up once you have the chance. Be wise in changing the direction of the bullets so as to hit as many targets at once as possible.

Controlling keys: Click and drag the mouse cursor to move the shooting direction of the turret.