Temple Raider

Temple Raider from our abcya free games 4 kids spices up your playtime with the classic jungle race between the gorilla - the guardian of the temple and the explorer. As your explorer has angered this guardian of the ancient temple, your job is to help him run away and stay safe. There are many treasures, coins, gold, and traps filling the jungle that you are going to race through.

Explore these ruins full of treasures and traps as well as trying to stay alive from the grasp of the guardian. You will find many obstacles along the way, such as the sharp spikes or the falling log. Some more dangerous like the swinging spike log will pop up from time to time, but try your best to stay focused and pay attention to the alert. Learn how you can jump over sharp spikes or slide under a falling log while keeping the high speed chase going on.

There are many characters for the kids to explore, along with the list of powerful upgrades to make the quest more thrilling. The goal is to run as far as you can from the gorilla and unlock the gifts. A tip for newbies is to make sure to avoid falling and slipping because these acidents will diminish your pace and the gorilla can catch up with you faster.

Let's see how far you can run without being captured in this game at https://abcya4.net/ while gathering the coins to your basket! Don't forget that you can always fill up your favourite list with more games like Drift Car Extreme Simulator or Driving Test Simulator, all without any costs and a lot of fun!

How to control the character in Temple Raider:

Use the arrow keys to turn left, right, jump, and slide to dodge the blocks.