Zoo Pong

Zoo Pong guarantees a hilarious, fast-paced, and free-of-charge gameplay for the players who would love a good abcya4 game of the interactive genre. Bounce all these balls back and forth to not only hit your opponent on the other side of the table but also to increase your scores to reach the highest rank possible. There are a lot of boosters that you can take advantage of to increase productivity and shorten the time used for each stage. Continue the work with higher and tougher stages while the game layout and rules change from time to time, but be aware of any change or new tasks to keep track of your progress.

If you manage to fulfill the task of slide the animals and keep the ball bouncing, you will be able to hit the target soon enough. Once the ball falls off the screen, there's no way to get it back, so stay focus and maintain as many balls as possible. The more balls you use, the faster you can clear the whole board of blocks! These adorable animals are lining up on both sides of the screen to create two barriers for your board.

Learn how to distinguish between the distance and the movement of the balls to make the most out of each stage. The counter-attack is good, but you can focus on scoring a total of 3 scores to finish the stage sooner. There will be tons of new characters, more skins, boosters, and new lists of items for you to explore should you have the ability to reach the higher stages of the game. Feel free to go ahead and tackle more diverse gaming selections such as Stair Run 3D and Scuba Turtle from our gaming website of https://abcya4.net/ later!

How to play the game: Control the animals and bounce the ball using the left mouse cursor.