Bike Riders 3: Road Rage

Bike Riders 3: Road Rage is the bike driving game which is playable abcya gams com. Getting the element of driving through traffic in Bike Riders 1 and the brutal action fights in Bike Riders 2. With new bikes to unlock and to make it more interesting, this game includes police bikes too! You can play in single player mode or in multiplayer. Drive in the role of a villain and a policeman on a motorbike and try to fulfill the assigned tasks for each mission. 

Do anything you can to win as you kick and punch other riders off of their bikes to gain the upper hand. You can play single player for practice as you dodge traffic or multiplayer. Have fun!

You are racing against other riders to get to the finish line first. To do this you must prove that you have the ultimate bike riding skills and that you are the fastest rider on two wheels.

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Use the arrow keys to ride your bike.