Drac And Franc

We need a flexible and talented player to aid the pair of Drac And Franc as they are setting off to go on their new arduous journey! Learn how to coordinate the powers and strange features of these two and conquer all journeys and obstacles here at ABCya land! The pair has unique characteristics with diverse differences in their movement and power, however, you can coordinate their skills to win the game.

With good timing and decent coordination, they will be able to work well together and bypass all these obstacles within the limited time frame on each level. If you can succeed in applying their skills, there's no item or hindrance that they can't overcome. Moreover, the goal and objective for each character vary. Roam the place and spot the unique objects to collect so that you can bring both of them to enter the labyrinth's exit.

For high platforms, you can control Frankenstein and utilize Dracula's head to hop on higher places. Be wise with your moving theme as the difficulty level increases significantly. It's a game of navigation and adventure, all combined in relatively straightforward gameplay for you to explore the most thrilling adventure!

The control key set for each character is separated so that kids can share this game with their friends in a duo mode. The final step to winning this game is to leave through the portals designated to complete the level. Thanks to the side-scrolling design along with a variety of items for unlocking, this game from https://abcya4.net/ will be a suitable option to spice up your playtime a bit! A wide range of game genres such as Carrom 2 Player or Pinball Brick Mania will be available for you to pick too!

How to play:

Control Frankenstein with arrow keys and Dracula with WASD keys.