Jungle Run Oz

Running games like Temple Run will always be the top choice if you are looking for something that will spice up the dull day with some cool action, thrilling moves, and the fastest gameplay ever! Hit this new version of the game in Jungle Run Oz from ABCya racing and explore more platforms to run on instead of the classic temple or the subway surfer.

Running games will be more intense options, as you need to control the character while dodging the unexpected obstacles on the way. Your role in this game is the awaken zombie that is hungry and on the chase to catch the one who has to awaken him up! Get ready for the run as soon as you start the game because there's limited time to react when the real obstacles start to appear.

Let's see the thrill of being a monster in this game can make you feel alive or not! Run as fast as you can to reach the target, and keep an eye out for the traps. There will be a detailed tutorial with step-by-step guidance so that you can slowly grasp the basics of this game. Dodge the swinging poles, jump over the pump-up blocks, and defeat the other obstacles while gathering points in this game of https://abcya4.net/!

Some corners and turning come suddenly to test the player's ability to react and reflex quickly under the most stressful situation. Let's show the world how good your skills are by defeating all the hardship that the game shall throw at you! Would you like to explore some other great featured games with a variety of genres: girl, puzzle, action, arcade, sports, and so on like Toon Drive 3D? Our free range of games online is available for you and your friends as well!

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to jump, slide, and turn.