Shooter Assassin

Shooter Assassin is a multiple-level game base that allows the players to free their timeline and enjoy a total of 50 different levels without a dime! The game has a simple yet addictive movement style that has attracted players of all ages. If you want to start your career and test out your shooting skills, this quest in this ABCya new game 4 kids will be the top choice!

First, pick the character or hero that you find suitable or interesting from the list and start preparing to hit the new tasks. If you manage to kill all required number of enemies, you will be able to move toward the new stages and get more weapons to utilize the damage range. Once you start a level, the missions will show on the screen. Overall, the goal remains to kill all enemies secretly and avoid being spot or pop up in the limelight. There will be cameras, lights, and other guards that can detect your appearance so be careful while making any moves in this game from! Learn the map and get to the empty spaces to avoid the enemies.

You can freely use different powers as long as you get those and take advantage of all weapons gained throughout the game. Different characters come with their unique set of skills, so make sure that you know how to bring the best assets to the table. Go ahead and get some fun time shooting at other targets in more free games like Sniper Trigger Revenge and Mr Dracula, with a similar shooting theme for your entertainment. Get ready to select your destination on the map and hit the trip to defeat the most enemies!

Controlling keys: Move, aim and shoot using the mouse cursor or touch on the tablet or mobile.