Stunt Car Challenge 3

Stunt Car Challenge 3 from ABCya land is quite a challenge with top-ranking players and a variety of racing features for you to explore. Some of the best racers have dominated all of the 15 tracks, and we need a new face to show off the skills and take over the leaderboard. As this is the third version of the series, it will not be easy since there are lots of things to keep in mind. Practice your controlling keys beforehand to grasp the rules and the basics of the movement. Make sure that you pour all of your efforts and experience throughout other racing tracks to conquer this one.

Go through the options and characters, as well as the vehicle collection one by one to pick your favorite. The update is a must in this game to fix the damaged parts of your car after the harsh battle, so try your best to capture the icons of boosters floating on the tracks. Those are not the only things that float in this game from Your tracks have no barrier on both sides and the track itself will float on air. This means that your balance skill will also play a crucial role in managing the car movement and eliminate the other players in the same match.

Don't let others push you off the road because, in this version, you will fall and crash immediately as there is no barrier to keep you inside the track. The thrilling sensation of looking down from the car will be a highlight for the fans of adventure and adrenaline rush! Explore every possible feature in this racing game and go on with more good racing options like Monster Truck Stunt Adventure and Iceland Limo Taxi

Controls: Move the car using the arrows, left mouse to interact and choose the item, spacebar to stop.